Why choose container?

The biggest advantage of the containers that they can be very quickly installed, either more than 100 m2 floor space, multi-storey steel houses and complexes can be configured. Due to mineral wool, PIR or PUR insulation, inbuilt heating and air condition systems containers are suitable for winter and summer use as well.


Their modular design provides several of variation options, which are limited by your imagination. Fully equipped containers are perfect for different office complexes, kindergartens, schools, lecture rooms, community spaces, medical buildings, event location, meeting rooms etc. for a temporary or a long period of time.


It can be directly connected to electrical network, water and sewerage system, the interior design can be varied according to unique idea, kitchen, bathroom, we can be easily configured. Colleagues of the company have huge experiences not only in building, installing or constructing but also in the reconstruction and conversion of the containers.


Transport from Monday to Saturday

One container is capable of more than if it first appears.

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Since our company’s started, our aim is to make the customers satisfied.

As a family business, our main goal is to provide a fast and convenient administration and to solve the problems that appear in different days and days.

At the moment, the biggest problem of the entrepreneurs is the lack of space, for example in the case of investments, unfortunately the workers do not have space, and they have no room for changing and showering.

 We are proudly offering our company as we are dealing with the production of residential, office and sanitary containers.

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